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Friday, April 24, 2009

Competition Corner

The Provisional BBC will be awarding a prize of unspecified value for the best guess as to what the following person actually spends his money on. The excerpt is taken from the BBC's recent article where people earning over £100,000 pa complain about how they don't have enough money to live on and how they are not eligible for tax credits. Answers in the comments box, please.

Because my wife looks after the kids and hence does not currently work, she does not receive any tax free allowance and so we already are down to one allowance for the family. There is no married persons allowance any more to compensate for people in our situation and now it seems we are to lose the second allowance from next April, hitting us by what will amount to approx £300 a month.

We don't qualify for child tax credits either. We are not rich by any means, we live in a standard four bed house with a single garage on a housing estate in a normal town. Our kids go to the local comprehensive school. We don't have surplus money for expensive holidays and cars.

We know of several people with similar total family income to us that will continue to receive two tax free allowances because both of them work and individually their incomes are under the £100,000 amount. The system just does not seem fair at all. We are being penalized for having one of us stay home to look after the family.

£300 a month is going to be very difficult to find. We have never been hit so hard by a budget before. We probably won't be able to afford a holiday next year, plus will have to cut back in other ways.

Neither myself or my wife are from wealthy families, we've just worked hard to get where we are. It seems when you reach a point where things are improving you just get knocked back down.


James said...

Flayed commoner hides.

alunephraim said...

Chutzpah. They live off chutzpah.

cjcjc said...

They must have a huge mortgage, since without school fees just what does their money go on?

cjcjc said...

Oops - I just realised that is what you were asking!


tim f said...

Coke, prostitutes and gambling were the possibilities that first came to my mind, yes.

A four-bedroom house with garage is pretty large, but if he's telling the truth about living on a housing estate in a normal town the mortgage couldn't be big enough to swallow his whole income, surely? Unless he's aiming to pay it off in 5 years or something.

the Prophet Ezekiel said...

Gardening. I bet he has a very large conservatory.

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