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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Persistent nuisance-maker given ASBO

A troublemaker who aggravated his work colleagues and tried to get his boss fired has been made the subject of an anti-social behaviour order.

The terms of former Home Secretary Charles Clarke's ASBO prevent him from going within 100 yards of a journalist for the duration of Gordon Brown's premiership. He has also had his mobile phone confiscated and internet connection deactivated.

Breach of the order could lead to a fine or six months locked in a jail guarded by another former Home Secretary wielding a machine-gun.

Political ally Alan Milburn tried to excuse his friend's behaviour, arguing "It's not Charles' fault; it's because there's nothing for him to do." But officials pointed out that not all former ministers were badly behaved, and said he had been offered a list of doors to knock on to "keep him out of trouble".

Other Labour MPs were adamant the measures did not go far enough. "Charles Clarke has made our life a misery," said one anonymous back-bencher who believes Clarke could lose him his seat. "When Trade Unionists tried to bring down the government, Thatcher ordered ritual violence to beat them into submission. It's the only way he'll learn."

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