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Friday, May 23, 2008

Labour campaign "wrong to canvass"

The Labour by-election campaign in Crewe has been criticised for canvassing voters.

The controversial activity was used to motivate Labour's core vote, but many people who did no work in the by-election have claimed it was counter-productive, after top Tory Toff David Cameron told them so.

"Now I've never met anyone from Crewe," said someone-or-other who has aspirations to be an MP one day, "but I think it's obvious it was canvassing that alienated voters in this by-election. After all, the Labour Party did more canvassing this time round than we've done in Crewe for decades, and subsequently lost the seat. I'm no logician, but that smacks of a direct causal relationship to me."

Sensible Labour insiders have suggested Tories are scared of the power of the canvassing technique, and are trying to disincentivise Labour from using it in the future by blaming it for the by-election defeat. However, pundits have been quick to point out that Labour are unpopular, and therefore must be wrong.

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