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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ex-Cabinet minister reminds public of past disagreements

A has-been former cabinet minister has reminded voters that he doesn't like Gordon Brown.

Writing in the Observer, he suggested that colleagues had not yet thrown their weight behind the PM, and that he was incapable of conveying this message to them in private.

The public appeal comes after a difficult period for Labour, but Mr Bye-Byers was confident that yet another process story would draw a line under the past few months. "I'm too important to spend my time exposing Tory policies," he told anyone who would listen. "MPs listen to me. If I write an article in the comment pages of a Liberal Democrat newsrag, people will take notice and do what I say."

The Prime Minister has not commented on the article, as he was too busy telling journalists he is busy getting on with the job of being Prime Minister.

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