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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tories: Domestic murder is "disagreement"

Domestic murder should be treated differently from "stranger murder", former cabinet minister John Redwood has said.

"None of us want women to be killed," he wrote online, "but there is a difference between a man harming another man's wife, and harming his own."

"If we are not careful we will end up in a world where men are afraid to beat their own partners, for fear they might end up charged with assault. Women will be running amuck, hanging out on the streets at all hours and challenging their husband's authority at the drop of a hat."

Redwood said there should be a graduated scale so men were aware of their entitlements. Men would be entitled to verbally abuse a woman they had not met, pinch the bottom of someone they had just been introduced to, rape someone they had spent an evening with, slap their girlfriend around and kill their marriage partner.

David Cameron has not yet commented on the remarks. An anonymous aide told the Provisional BBC - "He's hoping it will all just go away."

But Redwood confirmed agreement on his behalf: "I've not said anything David would disagree with. It's not possible; he agrees with everyone."


Nick C, Swansea said...

Another excellent instalment - keep it up!

I can almost see the next one already: In an attempt to boost popularity, Labour announces a government initiative to hand out thousands of confidential data files from various bureaucratic departments as Christmas raffle prizes to members of the general public. (Feel free to shamelessly half-inch that idea ;-) )

Anonymous said...

Very entrtaining, apart from using rape for laughs. Please don't. Rape isn't funny.

nick c, swansea said...

... whereas murder is? You can't just cherry-pick things you find offensive.

tim f said...

Anonymous, fair point if i'd used it just for laughs.

I think it's valid to use horrific subject matter in humour when it's there to make a serious point - though it should be done empathetically and it's dodgy for men to do this with rape as it's arguably more difficult for men to understand it.

But I was trying to make a serious point about male behaviour and in the context of Redwood's original article I hoped people would realise that I was talking about occasions where some men would regard sex without explicit consent as being okay - eg drunken one-night stands where a woman may not have agreed while sober. Clearly Redwood's comments reinforce the mindset of men who would act like this so at the time it seemed fair to refer to it.

In retrospect it probably wasn't possible to encapsulate all this so succintly - I apologise.

nick c - i would agree except i'm not sure you can reasonably expect people to control what they are and aren't offended by. Plus you could argue that rape IS taken less seriously than it ought and using it in the context of humour reinforces this, whereas murder ISN'T taken less seriously than it ought to be (well, providing the victim isn't a prostitute at any rate).

Anna Belle said...

Is there a link to said article?

Regarding the use of horrific subject matter in satire: Well, Swift wanted to boil Irish babies. I'd be hard-put to say which was worse: a raped woman or a boiled baby. I got your point and wasn't offended. This line in particular says it all:

"None of us want women to be killed," he wrote online, "but there is a difference between a man harming another man's wife, and harming his own."

Anonymous said...


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