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Saturday, June 23, 2007

McLaren in selection row

Steve McLaren tried to recruit former Welsh striker Ian Rush to the England team, it emerged last night.

McLaren's aides siad he was making good his promise to draw on "all the talents" from across the British footballing spectrum. But no-one explained why this meant asking a senile geriatric to represent a country he spent his footballing career opposing.

Current Welsh captain Robbie Savage described the move as an "insult", maintaining no Welshman would join a team with a chance of winning anything. Welsh sources said McLaren had used "underhand tactics" to expose the Welsh team's failings in an atmosphere of greater scrutiny.

Mclaren's botched attempt also caused controversy amongst his compatriots. Newcastle boss Sam Allardyce is said to be scathing, believing McLaren is trampling over the achievements of the '66 side and betraying the traditions of English football. Allardyce missed out on the England job after failing to secure the necessary nominations from the FA panel.

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