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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Harman clarification

Labour's new deputy leader Harriet Harman denies standing for the position.

She told Provisional BBC's Radio Today: "I never said I wanted the position." But during the closely fought election, she was heard encouraging people to vote for her on numerous occasions.

Ms Harman, elected after receiving more of Jon Cruddas' second preference votes than Alan Johnson, said people voted for her out of confusion, not because she ran for the job. Pressed by the Today programme, she clarified "What I actually said is if I'd known then what I know now, I'd be a soothsayer. I don't think that's what Labour Party members elected me for."

She said she had not been declaring her intention to stand, but agreeing with the need for a contest.

It is thought unlikely Harman will become Deputy Prime Minister - her predecessor John Prescott held both roles - as Gordon Brown wants all the power for himself. Asked if she was diasappointed by the news, Harman lied.

Harman was today retrospectively backed by the Sun newspaper. "The name 'Johnson' was a misprint, and should have read 'Harman'" explained Murdoch. "The Sun always backs winners."

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