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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Treasury to be split into two

The Treasury will be split into two departments in the next six weeks, a spokesperson for Gordon Brown has confirmed.

The Department for Raising Money will take control of setting tax rates, tariffs and cutting benefits. The slimmed down Department for Spending Money will then be left to allocate money towards improving people's lives.

The changes come after a troublesome year in which child poverty rose for the first time since Labour took power. But the Chancellor denied the job was too difficult for him, saying the decision was "tactical". Taking tax-setting powers from his portfolio would remove the controversial aspects of his job and allow him to concentrate on the parts of his role that increased his popularity, explained Brown.

But former chancellors expressed doubts that the coherency of economic policy would be damaged when departments with different interests competed over the same issues. "A Department for Raising Money could be prevented from cutting taxes by a strong Department for Spending Money," claimed Norman Lamont, who fronted David Cameron's Black Wednesday campaign in the early nineties.

Labour candidates in the Scottish and Welsh elections joined together with council candidates all over Britain to confirm that the internal restructuring of government departments was the number one issue being raised on the doorstep. "Voters aren't interested in results, they're interested in having lengthy debates on governmental process," explained one candidate.

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