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Friday, March 23, 2007

New tax credit announced

Gordon Brown shocked Tory front-benchers earlier today by announcing a new tax credit aimed at high earners.

The Rich Wankers' Tax Credit will come into force in 2025 and add 36p to the average rich wanker's weekly income. It will be available to anyone earning over 3 million pa with 2.4 children, a racehorse and a Ferrari.

Critics claimed the Chancellor was making rich people dependent on state handouts. "My butler is already over-burdened. Where is he meant to find the time to fill in more forms?" asked Lib Dem millionairess Lynne Featherstone.

Tory leader David Cameron claimed the Chancellor was giving to the rich with one hand, and taking away from them with the other. But sources close to the Chancellor labelled the claims "absurd", saying it was actually the other way round.

The chancellor also came under fire from single millionaires, and from millionaires who live off inherited wealth - none of whom will be eligible. But he insisted these exceptions were necessary to encourage millionaires off the dole and into work.

The credit will be funded by shutting Accident and Emergency centres across the UK. "The language of priorites is the religion of socialism," explained Brown.


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