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Friday, March 02, 2007

Meacher finally laid to rest

Former minister Michael Meacher will finally be buried after a lengthy court case over who has the rights to his body.

Courts finally decided in favour of his wife after she and his son disagreed over which of Meacher’s nine estates he should be buried in.

Mr Meacher, a former failed deputy leadership candidate, became a minister in Blair’s government when Blair was 44 and he was 59.

A regular pin-up for the 9/11 truth campaign, his suicide came as little shock to insiders who said he had been preparing it for months. But the immediate cause of death was uncertain. Some MPs put it down to ego, whilst others suggested he had been pushed - raising speculation the MP was murdered.

In a fresh twist, last night his parliamentary bag-carrier, Daniel Judelson, claimed he was not dead. “He is not dead, he has got the support of 44 MPs to run for the Labour leadership,” said the poor sod, adding “But I’m not going to tell you who they are.”

Nonetheless, reports of his death were confirmed after rival leadership contender Gordon Brown described Meacher’s candidacy as a “longer suicide note than the 1983 manifesto”.


meacher's ghost said...

There are claims that the CIA allowed Meacher's suicide to happen in order to justify an invasion of John McDonnell's campaign office.

Questions raised by 'Meacher truthers' include - why weren't military aircraft in the area scrambled in time? Why were warnings about the egomaniac's impending suicide ignored? Doesn't his suicide provide a convenient pretext to invade the campaign offices of leftwing candidates generally?

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