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Friday, March 02, 2007

Brown to reintroduce slavery

New immigrants should do hard labour to help them settle before gaining British citizenship, according to Gordon Brown.

Mr Brown, widely expected to be the next prime minister, said citizenship should be a “kind of contract”, where “one person owned the other”.

The chancellor described the practice as a good opportunity for migrants to get used to being exploited. “Slave labour is a necessity in a flexible economy,” he said, arguing Burberry would not have moved production from Wales to China if they didn’t have to pay their workers.

Fellow leadership contender John McDonnell described the proposed scheme as “barbaric”, but was ridiculed by New Labour stalwart Alan Milburn, who said his attitude to workers’ rights was “old-fashioned”.

Labour rebels are widely expected to win concessions - including daily limits on flogging – but whips are confident the bill will pass.

Brown denies the statement was an attempt was deflect attention from his Scottishness.

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