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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

BNP seeks exemption from new equality legislation

The British National party is demanding an opt out from new equality legislation which could allow black people to join up.

Mortgage consultant and mother of two Christine is one of many racists who opposes the move. “I joined the BNP because I’m a racist,” she declared proudly. “This law restricts my freedom of conscience. It says racism is out of place in modern Britain. It says I can’t discriminate on the basis of my deeply held bigoted beliefs. This is just the majority forcing their tolerance on a racist minority.”

Some BNP officials have suggested black people should be banned from the BNP for their own good, citing concerns they might be bullied because of their parents’ backgrounds.

But Culture minister David Lammy said he would be “very surprised” if the government bowed to pressure from fascist thugs. “I think this is an issue of equality,” said the junior minister. “It’s just like saying you can’t adopt a child because you’re gay.”

If the BNP fails to get an exemption, it will be disbanded, according to BNP Fuhrer Nick Griffin. It is not clear why this is a bad thing.

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