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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tories accused of negative campaigning

David Cameron found himself at the centre of a political storm after authorising an advert which cast doubt on Lib Dem leader Menzies Campbell’s mental health.

The commercial - due to be screened this evening at 7:55pm on Channel 4 - features footage of the ex-athlete fluffing his lines, forgetting his words and losing his marbles. Towards the end of the broadcast, Michael Winner cuts in. “Menzies Campbell,” he asks. “Does he have alzheimers?”

Rival leadership contender Simon Hughes, who lost to Sir Menzies because he is gay, was ordered to condemn the broadcast. “If they’d elected me, this never would’ve happened,” he told the Observer in an exclusive podcast.

Political analyst Nick Robinson pointed out that Hughes had not denied Campbell’s alzheimers. “We’re not as bad as America, but we’re getting more and more like them,” he commented aimlessly.

Labour seized on the advert as proof the Tories were still the “nasty” party. “It’s not Sir Menzies’ fault he’s a spacker,” commented Health minister Caroline Flint, arguing “Sir Menzies mental health is between him and the quarter of a million civil servants who will soon have his details on file.”

The advert comes only a month after Tory supremo George Osbourne called Gordon Brown a “fucking auto.” Brown denied the suggestion, saying the comparison was “deeply offensive to sufferers of the condition.”

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