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Friday, November 03, 2006

Slow news day

New research confirms what we already thought, according to new research conducted by a university. The research examined research examined in national newspapers, and found 93.5% of it validates what everyone already knew, described by the report as “common sense”.

The report also suggested ways of curing diseases previously thought incurable, and discovered how to stop climate change without altering existing patterns of human behaviour, but these conclusions were deemed less newsworthy by our editor.

If the research is true, there could be far-reaching consequences for the future of research. Indeed, there will be those who claim that new ideas are a waste of time and taxpayers’ money, since the vast majority of what we already think is likely to be true.

Other universities were quick to query the research. “This report contradicts a long series of better reports which are better,” said a scientist/professor. “We strongly caution against ignoring research, at least until the matter has been more thoroughly explored.”

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