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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Race boss agrees with racists

Race boss Trevor Phillips spoke out yesterday, calling Romanians and Bulgarians “dirty cheating thieving bastards”.

Phillips was particularly critical of thirteen year old Romanian girls, claiming they were stealing jobs from British prostitutes. He urged paedophiles to boycott the girls in favour of their British counterparts.

He also suggested Britain should bring back the death penalty for foreign criminals. He labelled double punishment – the process where foreign criminals are locked up before being deported to countries where their lives are in danger – as “a waste of British taxpayer’s money”, and suggested cutting out the middle man would be better for everyone.

Ordinary racists seized on Phillips’ comments, saying it was a victory for “common sense prejudice”. Mortgage consultant and mother of two Christine, 33, said “You can’t open the paper without seeing Bulgarian rapist this and Romanian murderer that. They’re not as bad as the darkies but we still don’t want them here.”

BNP leader Nick Griffin commented “There was a time in Britain where you couldn’t say something racist without being labelled a racist. I am glad that time is over.”

London Mayor Ken Livingstone criticised Phillips, saying he was worse than Hitler, Idi Amin, Stalin and Thatcher put together.

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