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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Harman “out of touch”

Harriet Harman stands accused of being “off message” after using the expression “false consciousness” on the BBC’s Daily Politics show.

Realising her mistake, the Constitutional Affairs minister stopped short of calling for a revolution, but failed to retract her remarks. Asked what the words meant, she said she overheard them in a bar at university and had never really been sure.

Party aparatchniks confirmed the language was not pre-approved by Downing Street, while hard-left activists called the expression “dated” and “off-putting”.

Trendy environmentalist David Cameron said the incident was “further evidence” Gordon Brown is a secret commie. “If he gets in, he’ll nationalise your pets,” warned the Old Etonian.

It also emerged Ms Harman is secretly married to a prominent trade unionist in the Transport and General union. Friends defended her, saying the marriage was “generally known” in the House, but Tories called for her divorce, saying the relationship presented “an inevitable conflict of interests”.

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