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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Anti-war rebel: “Tax the poor”

“More needs to be done,” was the CBI’s verdict, as anti-war rebel John Denham revealed plans to introduce a “poor tax” to pay for cuts in business and income tax.

The CBI demanded reparations for “decades of inequality” where the rich have paid more tax than the poor. Reparations would “create new business opportunities for leaders with proven track records,” lied the millionaires.

“It’s unacceptable people are still poor in this day and age,” said Denham. He described the tax as a disincentive, and said the poor have a “moral responsibility” to become richer. The plans have won wide cross-party support. Lib Dem leader Menzies Campbell said “For too long, poverty has made middle-class people feel guilty. But now we have the environment to feel guilty about. The poor can go screw themselves.”

Awkward squad members John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn labelled the plans “Victorian”. But their remarks were derided by an up and coming junior minister who no one has heard of. “We have to help the poor to help themselves,” said the white middle-class male 40-something loyalist.

The Labour Party faces debts of over £20 million.

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