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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Madonna: I will see job through

Madonna is refusing to set out a timetable for returning baby David Banda to Malawi, saying he will only leave when the job is complete.

The singer has attracted international criticism for adopting the baby under false pretences, but will not apologise. "I can apologise for the effects of the adoption, but I cannot in all honesty apologise for the adoption," she told Oprah yesterday, adding "God told me to do it."

Pressure is growing on Madonna to name a date when David will be returned to his father in Malawi, but she would not succumb, saying the baby would stay in Britain until it asked to leave.

Five people gathered outside the Malawian embassy, carrying banners labelling the adoption "illegal" and "immoral". Madonna denied the protest was a response to the adoption, saying there was a long history of democratic protest and that people protested before the adoption as well as after.

The entertainer and her slightly less famous husband, Guy Ritchie, urged the public to "support our boy," arguing the adoption was now a reality and the boy could not support himself on his own.

Speculation mounted the couple would look to adopt a Rwandan boy next. A large rally is planned next Saturday around the demands "Give Banda Back, No Rwandan Adoption, Resist The Colonial Imperialism Of Israeli Fascists, No Trident." Organiser Lindsey German warned "Your child could be next."

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