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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Liberal Democrats must improve

The Liberal Democrats must improve or risk the imposition of private management, according to a standards watchdog.

The party fell foul of the watchdog after consistently coming third in general elections since its establishment in 1988. It was criticized for failing to provide best value to its voters - unlike the Labour and Conservative parties, which ran governments and had policies.

Under new government legislation, private management could be imposed on the party unless it raises its game fast. In extreme cases, parties could be closed down to leave political space for new, better parties to emerge.

Party leader Menzies Campbell questioned the report, claiming it misunderstood the motives of Liberal Democrat voters. “I think the Liberal Democrats provide excellent value for our voters,” he said. “Our voters don’t want policies or action, they want to sit on the sidelines and bitch about the government.”

Sir Ming’s comments will strengthen critics of the new laws, who claim the Lib Dem’s problems are rooted not in the party but in the people they represent. Constitutional Affairs spokesperson Harriet Harman dismissed these fears, saying “It’s not an excuse. Middle class people shouldn’t be denied access to quality political representation on account of their background.”

If the party fails to improve, it could be taken over by private companies, faith organizations or local parents. The Muslim Assocation of Britain have already expressed interest, after achieving success in local elections with fringe party Respect. However, they face the prospect of fierce bidding competition from Fathers4Justice and entrepreneur Richard Branson.

Ming Campbell will be 65 next year.

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