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Friday, October 20, 2006

Britain becoming "apartheid society"

Race experts warned Britain is fast becoming an apartheid society as the first Muslim strip-club opened in Dewsbury. Dancers at the adult-only venue strip to a see-through niqab, allowing them to demean themselves whilst technically satisfying the demands of their religion.

The news follows the sacking of a Muslim stripper who refused to remove her veil in the presence of men. Local MP Shahid Malik supported the action, saying "She has put herself in a position where she can't do her job."

Moderate Muslims condemned the club, saying "The vast majority of Muslims are law abiding citizens who abide by the law." Many support government proposals forcing Christian strip-clubs to employ 25% Muslim women.

Ordinary Britons were aghast at the news. "If they live in Britain, they should strip like the British", said mortgage consultant and mother of two Christine, 33. In a recent poll undertaken by YouGov in conjunction with TalkSport, 96% of those questioned described Muslims as "too religious".

Tory fuhrer David Cameron told reporters that whenever Tony Blair attacked Muslims, the Tory party would put politics aside and support him resolutely. However, the Tories would not put economic stability before tax cuts.

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